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As part of my current copywriting job at the LA-based agency Scorpion, I create SEO-driven articles, landing pages, press releases, and other content for the agency’s corporate website. The following blogs are meant to improve our ranking in search engines and to position the agency as an established thought leader in the marketing/SaaS industry.

Since I started this position just over a year ago, the site’s organic views have increased by 150k, which has lead to a double increase in new appointments. See examples of my most recent articles below. Click on an image to go to the Scorpion website where you can read the full article!

When I worked on the TV show on the Oprah Winfrey Network Home Made Simple, I wrote the site’s editorial content. The show’s viewers were directed to the website to read these articles and learn how they could make the show’s ideas come to life in their own homes.

I worked with our Art Director and photographers to turn the articles into a beautiful reading experience that was cohesive with the rest of the show’s digital content. Click on an image below to go to the Home Made Simple website where you can read the full article!

I was previously a freelance journalist for City Scene Magazine, Central Ohio’s most-read arts and entertainment magazine. I conducted interviews and published the following articles. Click the image to go to the magazine’s website and read the full article!

This interview with lottery TV host Alissa Henry was featured on the cover of Pickerington Magazine, a subsidiary of City Scene Magazine. Read the full story here.

I worked to launch P&G Good Everyday, an interactive CRM platform by the consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble. The platform was designed to help the company give back and do good: for individuals and for the world.

As part of the launch, I wrote the on-site content for Tide Loads of Hope, one of the program’s initiatives that works to help families recover from natural disasters.

See another article I wrote as part of the launch by clicking the image below.

I worked at the publication Unwritten for two and a half years (see my small head on upper right corner). For a year and a half of my time there, I was Senior Editor and Social Media Manager for the publication, which serves to empower young women to share their voices.

I filtered through pieces to determine what would be published, edited the pieces, and worked with the writers to choose titles and featured images. I also ran the publication’s social media pages and scheduled posts. See below some of the articles I edited (not written by me — opinions do not represent my own).

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