Once a tutor …

During my time at Ohio University, I was a writing tutor at the Student Writing Center in  Alden Library. I conducted one-on-one meetings with university students working on all types of compositions: essays, resumes, cover letters, personal statements, and multimodal projects.

Tutoring was such a rewarding experience. Below is a testimonial from a former ESL client of mine at the Writing Center, Ansel Croft (anselcroft@gmail.com), who I met with on a weekly basis.

Although I have since graduated and no longer work at the Writing Center, I am still available for individual consultations.

Caitlyn is a scrupulous tutor in the Writing Lab at OU. Several years ago, my grammar was not very good and trying to find a tutor to help me out. When I made an appointment with Caitlyn, I did not expect a lot; however, once she helped me, I totally changed my opinion. Firstly, she read and went through every single sentence in my paper. If the meaning of the sentences is unclear, she helps me to rewrite the entire sentences. In addition, Caitlyn is a responsible tutor.
Because I am not a native speaker, I have a hard time to figure out the specific grammar. She patiently illustrates to me how to use, and I had learned a lot from her. Caitlyn is definitely a classy girl who knows what she is doing and work hard in her position. I highly recommended and I, sometimes, fell even regretful that she was not working in the Writing Lab anymore.