Senior Editor for

I worked at the publication Unwritten for two years. For a year and a half of my time there, I served as the Senior Editor for the publication, whose main demographic is millennial women and that represents a conglomeration of their diverse set of opinions. We prided ourselves on being not only a voice for, but a comfort to strong women. Every day, I was in charge of:

  • Working with writers to choose titles and featured images for pieces running the next day (usually assigned two pieces per night)
  • On WordPress: copy edit, tag, perform SEO and content checks

Additionally, every weekend, I was in charge of:

  • Filtering through submissions for the following week; making cuts and edits
  • Perform HR operations by informing writers if their pieces would not be published and why. Communicated with writers about potential issues with their pieces and commended them for what they did well.

Listed below are some of the featured images and titles that I curated with input and collaboration from the writers of each piece. Disclaimer: The opinions and values expressed in these pieces are representative of the writers and not necessarily my own.