Sample Marketing Copy

Below is an example of copy that I wrote for a fitness/workspace company:

  • From friendship and mingling to getting those glutes tingling, [Company] is the boutique fitness answer you’ve been looking for! Come to our #FreeWeek and #FindYourFit. (alternatively: From love and mingling to glutes and tingling)


  • They say life is what you make it, but what good is that without a space to make it in? If you hate yoga, cocktail parties, dancing, networking, and striving to be your best, then [Company] is probably not the space for you. But for all you go-getters who love to work hard and play harder, it’s about time you for you to Find Your Fit at [Company]. We are offering a #FreeWeek from (Date-Date), so what are you waiting for? Your best life begins here.


  • It’s not too late to start 2018 off right, and [Company] is the perfect space for you to do it. [Company] is a multipurpose venue that transforms to fit your needs, whether those be getting into shape with fitness classes or letting loose with networking events and cocktail parties. Just like your life, [Company] is what you make of it. Isn’t it time to make it into what YOU want? Come to #FreeWeek from (Date-Date) and see what it’s all about. Your future self will thank you.


  • It’s a new year: time to make some new moves. If your old workout routine isn’t doing the trick, we have over (insert amount of time slots, count down numbers). [Company] has all the fitness classes you could possibly want, and we will host your next event too. We’re like the best friend you didn’t know you needed. Don’t believe us? Good. Let us prove it to you during #FreeWeek (Dates). We will make sure you #FindYourFit.