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Looking back on my childhood, I spent most of my time doing one of two things: reading or listening to music. I wholeheartedly owe my writing abilities to the embarrassing amount of hours I was in my room spending quality time with my imaginary friends….I mean, my books (shoutout to J.K. Rowling and Lemony Snicket for the extensive vocabulary lessons).

Books weren’t all I read, though. As a young one, I was always (and still am) quite passionate about memorizing song lyrics. As it turns out, all those hours I would replay the YouTube “videos w/ lyrics” and dance in the mirror didn’t go to total waste (you can ask my mom; she once secretly filmed one of my most memorable solos).

Speaking of my mom, I was born to her two months early and weighed in at an alien-like two pounds. As usual, my eagerness to jump into life was too great for my own good. You know what they say…if you can’t do, write. That is how I found my joys in the world of music blogging for Prime Social Group‘s music blog LifeBackstage and in the world of digital promotions (specifically for PSG and through #TEAMCORRUPT).


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As Kylie would say, it’s the year of realizing things…and clicking things.


Your key to success lies here.


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Your mouse is getting Closer.

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You could say I like Childish Gambino.


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